Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Flap Over Zipper Square Pouch pattern

If you are seeking to make a pouch that reveals chic and simplicity, then you should really get this pattern to make this cute flap over zipper pouch.

This sizable pouch is perfect choice for carrying on hands

it offers adequate space to put in your essentials. You will find 1 main zipper compartment for your daily essential and a flap over cover pocket for your credit cards, cash and coins. 

All you need is really simple to get materials to start this project.
♥ Front fabrics (I am using light weight canvas)
♥ medium weight (medium soft) interface 
♥ 10 (1/4)” (26. cm) zipper 
♥ 2 pieces - bias strap lining fabrics 1 ½” x 19.5” (4cm x 49.5 cm)
♥ 2 rivets and tools to install the rivets or button snaps (1.2cm in diameter)
♥ An O ring or D ring (2.5cm) or a pair if you wish to turn this pouch into a sling bag
♥ Sewing materials, sewing machine and water soluble pen, of course !

The original pattern assist you to make this pouch into a key ring bag, however, If you have a ready sling belt, you can also turn this pouch pattern into a really cute sling pouch.  The creativity is really in your hands.  (you can make it into a children's sling pouch too)

Approximate measurement :
4” (H) x 6” (W) x 2.5” (D)

It is really a great bag size for multiple usages (traveling, cosmetic, toiletries, makeup, accessory, gadget pouch etc)
Simply click on any of the photo above to lead you to this pattern. 

Have fun sewing !  ^v^

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Rivet or snap closure tutorial

I found this list of photos really good as reference for rivet button installation.  I am translating this tutorial into English for your reference.

Here is one of the rivet / snap closure installer commonly use for leisure project (I am using heavy duty puncher tool though). 

Metal Snap Closure and Dies Set
You will need the following tools to install snap button :
·     A  ( CAP), B (SOCKET), C (POST), D ( STUD), with A & B  and C & D form a pair respectively.  Setter  - a metal stand to hold the snap button to be punched (photo bellow)

·     T1 is used for poking a whole while  T2, T3 (photo below) are the dies tool(An awl is also a good tool to poke a hole).

·     A hammer.